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In online marketing, capturing a reader’s attention is crucial; you have less than two seconds to do it. The secret lies in crafting powerful headlines that grab attention and build cognitive momentum. In this video, Flint McGlaughlin explains how to structure the first four words of your headline to maximize conversion in digital marketing. I will explain how to use MeclabsAI Headline Generator to generate it.

The Importance of the First Four Words

Imagine reading this headline: “Two days of world-class leadership training.” It takes about 3.16 seconds to read, but most readers will scan and focus mainly on the first few words. In even less time, around 1.38 seconds, readers might only catch “Two days of world-class.” This highlights an essential truth in marketing: you have less than two seconds to capture attention and build cognitive momentum.

Principle 1: Subject-Predicate Structure

Pull the Customer Forward using the MeclabsAI Headline Generator

Use a subject-predicate structure to create a headline that pulls the customer forward. This means your headline should have a clear subject and a verb to express a complete thought. MeclabsAI Headline Generator uses this principle,, and you will get many drafts headline ideas with it.

Consider these examples:

  • Original: “Universal Orlando Resort two-part bonus”
  • Improved: “Enjoy 14 days of unlimited access.”

The improved headline includes the verb “enjoy,” creating a complete thought and significantly improving engagement by 26%.

Another example:

  • Original: “Chronic migraine treatment: a long-term solution”
  • Improved: “Get relief for your weekly migraines.”

The verb “get” adds momentum, resulting in a 331% increase in performance. The key is ensuring your headline has a subject and a predicate to express a complete and compelling thought.

Principle 2: Prioritize the Customer’s Interest

Use the Subject to Focus on the Customer using MeclabsAI Headline Generator.

Your headline should prioritize the customer’s interest. This often means making the customer the subject of the sentence. MeclabsAI Headline Generator will help you with this principle, too.

Compare these headlines:

  • “You are master and commander of a billion documents.”
  • “Cost-effective litigation management solutions”
  • “We sell unfair advantages.”

The first headline outperformed the others because it starts with “You,” directly addressing the customer and their needs. The other headlines either lack a verb or start with the company, which does not engage the customer effectively.

Principle 3: Leverage the Understood Subject

Prioritize the Customer Using Implied Subjects using MeclabsAI Headline Generator

Sometimes, the most effective way to engage the customer is by using the understood subject, often implied as “you.”

Consider these examples:

  • Original: “There are more than 491,720 registered sex offenders in the U.S.”
  • Improved: “Identify registered sex offenders living near you.”

The improved headline uses an implied “you,” making it more direct and actionable. This method helps get to the value faster by focusing on the action the customer should take. Try this principle with MeclabsAI Headline Generator

Principle 4: Enforce the “Four-Words-to-Value” Rule

Get to the Value Quickly using MeclabsAI Headline Generator

Your headline should communicate value within the first four words. This principle is essential for capturing attention immediately.

Compare these headlines:

  • Original: “Have the X waiting for you at your door”
  • Improved: “Save 50% on home delivery”

The improved headline gets to the value (“Save 50%”) immediately, which is far more compelling than the original. Ensuring that the first four words communicate value can significantly impact conversion rates. Use MeclabsAI Headline Generator and apply this principle in your headline too


Crafting effective headlines is crucial for maximizing conversion rates. By focusing on these four principles—using a subject-predicate structure, prioritizing the customer’s interest, leveraging the understood subject, and enforcing the “four-words-to-value” rule—you can create headlines that capture attention and build cognitive momentum. Remember, the customer is the subject, and your offer is the object. Focus on these elements to see a significant improvement in your marketing efforts.

Let’s create an effective headline using MeclabsAI.

Go to and click on the left side to enter the headline generator.

MeclabsAI headline generator

After clicking on the button, you can choose to learn more about writing compelling headlines or to create one by answering 3 questions about your product/service guidences for headline generator

MeclabsAI headline generator: text for headline

Put the information in the MeclabsAI headline generator about your product/service and click Continue.

information about the product/service

You will have the option to choose what is most important for you about your headline. You can reorder the three options according to your priorities. For example, for me, #3 was the most important, and I reordered them in that order



After clicking on the Continue button, you will get unlimited draft Headline ideas.
You can regenerate them as many times as you want.
If you like a headline, you can pin it and continue searching for more. You will get headlines from the MeclabsAI headline generator from any angle, and you will get many ideas on what will be most important to your target audience.
After pining a headline, you will get six new headlines, and you can pin as many headlines as you want

In the end, you can choose from the pinned headlines in the MeclabsAI headline generator one that is best for you and click on the star to edit it

MeclabsAI headline generator : MeclabsAI drafts

I chose the first one to show you how it works.


After clicking on the continue button in the MeclabsAI headline generator, you will get your headline with the possibility to edit all



MeclabsAI headline generator : Noun Verb Adjective

You can improve it by substituting stronger words for the nouns and modifiers.
When you are satisfied, click on the continue button. I will leave it because I am showing you the process here.
After clicking the continue button in the MeclabsAI headline generator, you can access the whole report, which you can download as a PDF file at the end of the page.
full report



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