Develop persuasion skills you need in sales and team management

I have spent the last several days reflecting on the importance of certain skills in the business world, which are sometimes underestimated, yet play a pivotal role in achieving our goals. One such skill is the art of persuasion.


Let me share a quick story with you.


Last year, we launched a new product line. Everyone on the team was excited about the prospects, but I faced a challenge. The marketing team was apprehensive about the new approach we suggested for the product launch. It was more innovative, somewhat untested, and they were unsure if it would resonate with our customers.


Rather than asserting authority, I decided to use persuasion. I listened to their concerns, empathized with their perspective, and then explained why I believed our new approach could be effective. I shared data and success stories from other industries and discussed how we could manage potential risks.


After several discussions, the marketing team started seeing the merit of the new approach. They came around, not because they were ordered to, but because they understood the rationale and believed in it.


Today, that product line is one of our best sellers.


The power of persuasion is incredible in business - it helps us to influence without authority, sell our ideas effectively, and rally our teams toward shared goals.


I've compiled a comprehensive FAQ guide, 'The Art and Science of Persuasion in Business, ' to shed more light on this. It's designed to answer all your questions about the importance of persuasion, how to develop persuasion skills, its application in sales and team management, ethical considerations, and more.


Here's the link to the article


I believe this resource will benefit everyone, regardless of their role or industry. So feel free to share it with your teams, colleagues, and anyone else who might find it helpful.


Remember, in business, it's not always about having the best idea; it's about making others see the value in your idea. That's where persuasion comes in.


I hope you find the information in the article valuable, and I would love to hear your thoughts after you've had a chance to review it.


Best Regards,


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