CPA lead generation

Generating high-quality leads is a crucial aspect of any successful marketing strategy. One effective method marketers often utilize is cost-per-action (CPA) lead generation, which focuses on rewarding specific customer actions rather than just generating leads. In this blog, we will explore the power of push ads and how integrating them into CPA lead generation efforts can lead to better results. We will discuss the definition and mechanism of CPA lead generation, the concept of push ads, why they are underutilized, and the benefits they offer. Additionally, we will provide lead generation strategies for B2B for effective push ad campaigns, methods to measure their success, and address common challenges faced. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to boost your CPA lead generation efforts using push ads.

The mechanism of CPA lead generation

CPA lead generation

The concept of CPA lead generation and how to track affiliate links are the cornerstones of affiliate marketing. It operates on the premise that advertisers collaborate with affiliate marketers to promote their products or services. The distinctive feature of CPA, or Cost-per-action, lead generation is that it transcends mere lead acquisition. Instead, advertisers pay affiliates for each distinct action potential customers take—from filling out a form to purchasing.

CPA lead generation is particularly valued for its performance-based nature. Affiliates are motivated to not only attract a high volume of leads but to focus on the quality and relevance of these leads. They hone in on customer segments that have a higher likelihood of completing desired actions, ensuring that advertisers pay for results that align closely with their marketing objectives.

In this model, the action each potential customer takes is meticulously tracked. This tracking serves a dual purpose: it validates the lead for the affiliate to receive compensation and provides a wealth of data. Advertisers can analyze this data to gauge the efficacy of their CPA lead generation campaigns, examining which strategies yield the best ROI.

Moreover, CPA lead generation is designed to be mutually beneficial. Affiliates benefit from high payouts for quality leads, while advertisers enjoy a lower risk since they pay only for successful conversions. This synergy is pivotal in driving targeted marketing efforts, as affiliates utilize a combination of strategies—from SEO to content marketing and from social media engagement to targeted PPC campaigns—to attract the right audience.

The effectiveness of a CPA lead generation campaign hinges on precise targeting, creative marketing tactics, and continuous optimization. By leveraging detailed analytics, affiliates can refine their approaches, tailoring their promotions to resonate with the audience more effectively. Advertisers, on their end, can utilize insights from CPA lead generation campaigns to sculpt their offerings and enhance the customer journey, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion.

In essence, CPA lead generation stands as a testament to the power of performance marketing. It underscores a transparent, results-oriented approach where every click, every lead, and every conversion counts—culminating in a strategy that both maximizes impact and drives sustainable growth. You can learn more about push ads and affiliate marketing tools in the Powerhouse affiliate member area.

The Power of Push Ads in Marketing

cpa lead generation- push ads

Push ads have recently gained significant popularity as a powerful marketing tool. But what exactly are push ads? Push ads are messages “pushed” to a user’s device, whether a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer. These ads can be sent through web browsers, mobile apps, or even email, and they do not require phone numbers, emails, or app installations from users. Push ads typically appear as small boxes at the corner of a user’s device screen, making them highly visible and attention-grabbing.

Advantages of Push Ads

Push ads offer several advantages for businesses looking to maximize their lead-generation efforts. Firstly, push ads ensure a high rate of visibility. Since these ads appear directly on a user’s device screen, they are hard to miss, ensuring that potential customers see them. Secondly, push ads have a higher lead engagement potential compared to other marketing methods, such as email marketing.

Users are likelier to engage with a push ad, as it offers a direct call to action, leading potential customers to landing pages or desired content. Additionally, push ads are effective at reaching a large audience quickly. With the ability to simultaneously send push notifications to millions of devices, businesses can rapidly expand their reach and increase their potential CPA lead generation.

Underutilization of Push Ads in Current Practices

Despite the advantages of push ads, they are often underutilized in current marketing practices.

Why Push Ads are Undervalued

There are several reasons why businesses undervalue and underuse push ads for CPA lead generation. One common misconception is that push ads are annoying and intrusive to users. However, when done correctly, push ads can provide valuable content and offers to potential customers, enhancing their overall user experience.

Another reason for the underutilization of push ads is a lack of awareness about their effectiveness. Many businesses are not fully aware of the potential lead-generation capabilities of push ads, leading them to underestimate their value in marketing strategies.

Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge about effectively using push ads in lead generation efforts. Businesses often miss out on the lead generation potential of push ads due to a lack of understanding about AI for lead generation, lead techniques, targeting, and content optimization.

Maximizing Push Ads in CPA Lead Generation

With the right lead generation strategies, businesses can maximize the potential of push ads in CPA lead generation efforts.

Strategies for Effective Use of Push Ads

One strategy for the effective use of push ads is targeting potential customers based on their behavior. By analyzing customer behavior data, businesses can send personalized push ads to potential customers who are more likely to take desired actions, such as making a purchase or signing up for a free trial.

Another effective strategy is re-engaging users who have already downloaded an app or visited a website. Push ads can remind these users of the value and benefits of the app or website, encouraging them to take desired actions, such as making a purchase or subscribing to a service.

Push ads can also be linked to well-crafted landing pages, which are designed to convert potential customers into paying customers. Businesses can maximize the lead generation and prospecting potential of push ads by providing relevant content, compelling offers, and clear call-to-action.

Additionally, push ads can be tailored to specific niche markets, allowing businesses to reach potential customers who are more likely to be interested in their products or services. This targeted approach ensures that push ads are seen by potential customers who are most likely to take desired actions, resulting in more effective lead generation.

How to Create Successful Push Ads Campaign

Push ads drive high engagement rates, increasing app downloads and nurturing a sales funnel for a revenue boost.

We will create a push-ad campaign for Afflift using CPV One as a tracker and Propeller Ads as a traffic generation source.

Afflift: A Platform for Affiliate Marketers

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Afflift is a thriving community and forum for affiliate marketers. It offers a wealth of resources, including case studies, tutorials, and discussions, all designed to help users maximize their affiliate marketing efforts. The platform is particularly valuable for those looking to explore innovative strategies like push ads, providing practical insights and peer-to-peer support.

PropellerAds: A Versatile Traffic Source

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PropellerAds is recognized for its robust advertising platform, specializing in various ad formats, including push notifications. It is an excellent traffic source for marketers looking to deploy push ads effectively. The platform offers advanced targeting options and real-time performance metrics, enabling advertisers to optimize their campaigns for maximum impact and efficiency.

CPV One: A Comprehensive Tracking Solution

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CPV One is a versatile tracking and optimization tool designed for affiliate marketers. It allows users to track and analyze their marketing efforts across various channels and traffic sources. Features include unlimited campaign tracking, customizable enhancements, API integrations, and multivariate testing. CPV One is lauded for its ease of use, making it accessible even to those with minimal programming knowledge. Its cookie-less tracking options and support for custom domains with SSL enhance its functionality, ensuring accurate and secure tracking of marketing campaigns​​​​​. You can use website bot detection strategies and redirect bot traffic, too.

Creating a tracking link for your campaign using CPV One

Creating a tracking link for your campaign using CPV One and integrating it with PropellerAds is a straightforward process, especially since these platforms are designed to work seamlessly with tracking tokens. Here’s how you can do it:

Start with CPV One: Log into your CPV One account. This platform will be your central tool for creating and managing the tracking link.

Add the traffic source.

Add PropellerAds as Your Traffic Source:

To integrate PropellerAds as your traffic source with CPV Lab Pro, you’ll want to follow these streamlined steps within your campaign’s setup environment:

Navigate to your CPV Lab Pro dashboard’s ‘Sources/Traffic Sources’ section.

CPA lead generation setting traffic source

Look for the option to ‘Import from Catalog’ and select it. This feature is designed to make integration with various traffic sources more efficient.

From the provided catalog, choose ‘PropellerAds’. This selection tells CPV Lab Pro to prepare for tracking parameters specific to PropellerAds.

 CPA lead generation - propeler ads

After selecting PropellerAds in CPV Lab Pro, head to the tracking section within your PropellerAds account.

There, you’ll find the option to integrate with CPV Lab Pro. Proceed with the integration, which will involve copying the postback URL provided by PropellerAds.

cpa lead generation tracking

Return to your CPV Lab Pro dashboard and navigate to the settings for PropellerAds as your traffic source.

Paste the postback URL you copied from PropellerAds into the designated field in CPV Lab Pro.


cpa lead generation - copy postback url

cpv post back


The next step is to create a direct-link campaign in CPV One.

You’ll start by setting up a ‘Direct Link’ campaign in CPV One. This type of campaign is used when you want to send traffic directly to the offer without a landing page.

CPV setting push ads campaign

Configure Macros and Traffic Tokens: Macros or tokens are placeholders in your tracking URL that will be replaced with dynamic values like click ID, country code, device type, etc. When setting up the campaign in CPV One, specify which tokens you require based on the data you want to track. These tokens will correspond with the data points provided by PropellerAds.

token and makros

Go back to the campaign and set your Afflift affiliate link as the offer: In the campaign setup, you’ll need to insert your affiliate link from Afflift as the ‘offer URL’. This is the destination where your traffic will be directed after clicking the ad.

dding affiliate libk

Generate the tracking URL: CPV One will generate a unique tracking URL once you’ve configured all the settings. This URL will include your Afflift affiliate link along with the necessary macros to track the performance of your campaign effectively.


After creating the campaign, check the Traffic Source Postback URL check box in CPV One. This will allow CPV One to send conversions back to PropellerAds from the tracker so that PropellerAds can optimize the targeting.


Use the Tracking URL in Your PropellerAds Campaign: Finally, when you set up your campaign in PropellerAds, use the tracking URL you generated in CPV One. This ensures that all clicks and conversions are accurately tracked and attributed to the right source.

Remember, the key to successful tracking is ensuring that all parameters are correctly set up inCPV One and that the tracking URL is properly integrated into your PropellerAds campaign. This will provide you with valuable insights into the performance of your campaign, allowing you to optimize and improve your results over time.

Setting up a campaign in PropellerAds

Setting up a campaign with PropellerAds and CPV One involves a few important steps to ensure that your ads are effectively tracked and optimized. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Creating the Icon Banner and Push Ad Image

  1. Icon Banner (192 x 192 px): Before launching your campaign, you must create an icon banner with 192 x 192 pixels dimensions. This icon banner is essential as it represents your brand or the product in a small yet visible format. It’s often used in various ad formats, including mobile ads, where space is limited.
  2. Push Ad Image (360 x 240 px): Alongside the icon banner, you must prepare a push ad image with 360 x 240 px dimensions. This image is larger and provides more room for creative expression. It’s used in push notification ads and should be compelling enough to grab users’ attention and encourage them to click.

Button 192 x192cpa lead generation Banner ads

Now it’s time to dive into campaign creation.

Begin by assigning a distinctive name to your campaign for easy identification.

Next, decide on the ad format—opt for either Classic Push or In-Page Push based on your objectives. If budget constraints are a consideration, start with one option; otherwise, you have the flexibility to select both for a broader reach.

When it comes to setting your target URL, use the tracking URL from the Direct Link campaign that we’ve already set up in CPV One.



You’ll also need to determine the source of your traffic. Propeller Ads Traffic and Partner Traffic are both viable options, and you can even choose to combine them for a more comprehensive approach.

I opted for all traffic types to attract a more engaged audience. If cost-effectiveness is a priority, targeting medium and low user activity could be the way to lead generation afflift2

Geographical targeting is up to your discretion. Place your bids wisely—I started with a bid at half the suggested minimum to test the waters. Keep an eye on the suggested bid rates provided for guidance. See mine below


cpa lead generation afflift3

Your platform choice is also an either/or decision—desktop or mobile, not both. When targeting mobile users, consider the general trend that iOS users tend to spend more than those on Android devices.

The remaining settings should align with your campaign preferences and goals, allowing you to tailor your approach to match your marketing strategy.



cpa lead generation afflift6




cpa lead generation afflift9


cpa lead generation afflift11

Conclusion: Unlocking the Power of Push Ads for Enhanced CPA Lead Generation

As we navigate through the dynamic terrain of CPA lead generation marketing, it’s evident that push ads stand out as a game-changer in digital advertising. Marketers can catapult their CPA lead generation to new heights by embracing this underutilized yet potent strategy. The journey we’ve embarked upon with Afflift, PropellerAds, and CPV One illuminates a path laden with opportunities for robust audience engagement and high conversions.

In the world of content marketing, the integration of push ads opens avenues for delivering compelling narratives directly to your target audience, augmenting the impact of your message. Coupled with the precision of search engine optimization (SEO) and the vast reach of social media, push ads have become a formidable force in capturing the attention of potential data-driven leads.

The synergy between CPA networks and affiliate programs further enriches this landscape. By leveraging the real-time analytics offered by platforms like CPV One, marketers gain an unparalleled view into the effectiveness of their campaigns, allowing for agile adjustments and optimization.

Imagine the possibilities when push ads are aligned with the strategic use of keywords in your content or when they’re designed to resonate with trending topics on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Integrating push ads into your marketing mix is not just about deploying a new channel; it’s about creating a holistic strategy encompassing the best of CPA marketing, SEO, social media, and analytics.

And let’s not forget the human element in digital marketing. The power of a phone call, the personal touch of an SMS or a chat message can significantly enhance the user experience. By integrating these personal communication methods with the automated efficiency of push ads, you create a marketing pipeline that’s both high-tech and high-touch.

In conclusion, push ads are not just another tool in your marketing arsenal; they are the bridge that connects the various elements of your digital marketing strategy – from CPA offers to email marketing, from PPC campaigns to CPA lead generation initiatives, and from the vast expanse of the internet to the focused metrics of your dashboards. They bring together the art and science of marketing, ensuring that every dollar spent is a step towards achieving your goals of high payouts and successful conversions.

So, are you ready to explore the untapped potential of push ads in your CPA marketing strategy? Whether you’re an advertiser, an affiliate marketer, or an accountant analyzing the ROI of marketing efforts, push ads offer a unique and effective way to reach your audience.

Our team assists those looking to embark on this exciting journey. We’ve got you covered from crafting the perfect push ad campaign to integrating it seamlessly with platforms like CPV One and PropellerAds. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s work together to create a CPA marketing strategy that’s effective, innovative, and future-ready.

Contact us today, and let’s transform your CPA lead generation with the power of push ads!

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